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Welcome! On this website, we explore and promote the full expression of what it means to be a human being. We facilitate an environment where everyone can flourish and be themselves regardless of what that means. We believe in diversity, dialogue and inclusion, and that love is the answer.  

You'll find my writings - discover my blog - and information about my shamanic activities.

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Latest news

SHAMANISM : The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism (The Way Of The Shaman) with the Foundation For Shamanic Studies Europe (English/French) will take place in Belgium in February 2020 – more information coming soon.


5 Ways to Find A Sense of Spirituality Without Religion 

Gather a room full of 1,000 people and ask what spirituality means to them - let alone spirituality that isn't pegged to a certain religion - and you might get 1,000 different answers. Read more

Top 5 Tips For Writing In A Literary Collaboration

As a writer, I believe that the quality of my writing is directly linked to my ability to engage entirely with what I am writing. Read more

Flying Like A Canary 

Staff had gathered close to his office, the door of which had remained open. I do not blame them. It was live cinema, and the movie title was The Spectacular Fall of Benedetta. Read more


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I was born in Belgium in December 1980. I studied business engineering and philosophy at university. In the spring of 2013, I quit my job in Learning & Development and left my apartment in Brussels. This was actually the moment when I started to listen to myself and to dimensions that were unknown to me — invisible ones.