Shaman Express, Bénédicte Rousseau

Shaman Express

Published on 31 May 2018, Shaman Express is a darkly humorous novel about the dangers of pursuing enlightenment. Co-authored, this novel is adult literature. 

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shamanism, shamanic healing, healing

Understanding Shamanic Healing

Shamans are the keepers of ancient techniques used to achieve and maintain well-being. They’re sometimes referred to as medicine men and women, healers, or (witch) doctors by Westerners. 

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Shaman Express, Beretta Rousseau, Benedetta, writing, Plato, madhouse

Never Mind Plato

Hôpital des Acacias had an excellent reputation for treating mental disorders in French and in Flemish, which is exceptional enough for a country like Belgium to be mentioned.

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Shaman Express, Beretta Rousseau, Benedetta, canary, illusionists

Flying Like A Canary

Staff had gathered close to his office, the door of which had remained open. I do not blame them. It was live cinema, and the movie title was The Spectacular Fall of Benedetta.

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