Flying Like A Canary

Staff had gathered close to his office, the door of which had remained open. I do not blame them. It was live cinema, and the movie title was The Spectacular Fall of Benedetta. I was the star of the day, and my name was bankable. My emotions were running high. Rage was invading my heart and my mind was being unleashed as the darkest devil. Looking like a Greek goddess perched on stilettos, I wanted Jack to bite the dust too. I perceived anguish on the faces of some colleagues. I then saw an angel in a halo of fluorescent green light. He introduced himself as David, coming to save me. Archangel David? Oh no, too elementary, my dear Watson. God was in a joking mood and sending me the one and only David Copperfield for my own pleasure. That was when things really started to go wrong.

An essential part of the training of an illusionist consists of learning to fly. One is expected to develop the ability to create this type of illusion as an art form. LouLou hated illusionists. “Average con artists sold to the shallow business of entertainment,” he used to say. Inspired by David’s presence and my canary dress, I decided to test my magic skills. To everyone’s surprise, including mine, I walked toward the closest window and jumped off with outstretched arms. A street lamp stopped my ascent, the only miscalculation in my flight plan. That and the fact that it was a second floor window, which undermined the credibility of my audacious exit. I was trying to escape from my miserable life, and jumping out a window was an option worth considering.

From Shaman Express , Beretta Rousseau, 2018, Chapter 1 "Alive"

Photo by Audrey Fretz on Unsplash