Oops! I did it again.

I saw Omar walking toward me. I wondered whether he had noticed the eagle flying unusually low over the house under the moonlight. Maybe I had just eaten too much broccoli-rosemary pie, a devilish combination. Vegans can trick you badly, but they will not ever repent. Where is my Valium, please? Oh, really joking. Xanax will do too. Perhaps perhaps perhaps! And Lexomil. Would I like some tea? Or an orange maybe? Or a Cuban cigar perhaps? I beg your pardon? I would rather have one of these juicy peaches. Do I want to play the guitar? Tu vuo fa l’americano?  Sorry, I am only the bird that was eaten alive by the cat. Yea, man and birds are fain of climbing high (10). Oops. I did it again.

“Darling, where is the medication room?” I asked Omar, smiling.

“The medication?”

Here we go again, I thought to myself, but I could see that he really cared. “The meditation, meditation room, darling. Of course. Take me there. You’re late!” Omar then took my arm and sang in Spanish. Something about Cadillacs and moons. I did not really understand the lyrics, but I liked the melody. We both laughed. At that moment I realized that our journey had started and would take us exactly where we needed to go. I got a bit scared.

“Benedetta, don’t worry. The spirits are good. Everything is going to be all right,” Omar murmured in my ear as we were entering the room. This was a rite of passage in its own right too.

(10) William Shakespeare, “Henry VI” from The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

From Shaman Express, Beretta Rousseau, 2018, Chapter 1 "Alive"


Photo by Gabriel Izgi on Unsplash

Shaman Express by Beretta Rousseau (2018) is available for purchase online.