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Coauthored and published on 31 May 2018, Shaman Express is a provocative and deeply humorous novel about the dangers of pursuing enlightenment. An eccentric divorcée and a recovering addict are both at a crossroads in their lives. They barely know each other but decide to embark together on a journey with the intention of writing a book on experiential shamanism. But spiritual retreats and self-help books haven’t prepared them for what lies ahead. Moving between pastoral Italy, the rugged steppes of Siberia, and the crowded streets of Thailand, the story alternates between ordinary reality and shamanic non-ordinary reality, the borders of which become blurred along the way. They may not find what they thought they sought, but they will be forever transformed. Read more

This book is by no means a guide to shamanism.

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Unusual and darkly humorous - "Shaman Express is an unusual novel in that both characters are the authors; giving it the impression of being more like two interspersed frankly written journals than fiction (...) Definitely different and sometimes darkly humorous, Shaman Express is adult literature recommended for those who don’t mind a trip through the shady side of life on the way to awareness." June Kent for the Indie Shaman. Read full review

Delightful - "I enjoyed the book and found the blending of the real with the mystical to be a delightful introduction to the ideas of shamanism. This is the sort of novel that fans of Chuck Palahniuk would enjoy as the writing shares some elements that his work presents (...) " - The Nerdy Girl Express Read full review

Recommended - "A very interesting and fascinating book. The description of the spiritual journey of the characters is great and the book is well written. Recommended." A.M. Giacomasso ( - NetGalley Reviewer

Fascinating - "The spiritual journey of the characters in this book was fascinating. The author's writing kept me invested in the characters." - C. Underwood ( - NetGalley Reviewer

Excellent read - "I could not put this book down, because I wanted to know what the protagonists would discover. I loved how the book had two accounts of what was being experienced because it gave a fuller picture of what was being learned. I definitely recommend this book as an excellent read." Maria S. (

A plaisant surprise - "I did not know anything about shamanism when buying this book and I was afraid I would not understand a lot, but quite the opposite. The book is very accessible, even for the non "shamans" amongst us. It is also entertaining and refreshing. A nice and plaisant change from the history novels I usually read. Is it provocative as the summary says? Yes, probably, but not disturbing nor confusing. I bought it out of shear curiosity and do not regret it!" Anonymous reader (

The search for meaning, unplugged and raw - "This is a curious book: on the surface it appears to be the spiritual journey of two "seekers", but dig deeper and you will find all kinds of metaphors for human existence.  Written from the dual points of view of our protagonists, we follow them as they travel across continents, in search of the evasive meaning and affirmation of life (...) Though-provoking, and at times annoying, but an exciting read." Emma L. ( Read full review 

Stimulating and exciting - "I edited this novel. It's great - funny and intellectually/spiritually stimulating. Recommended." Allister Thompson (The Gateless Gate)  

I was born in Belgium in December 1980. I studied business engineering and philosophy at university. In the spring of 2013, I quit my job in Learning & Development and left my apartment in Brussels. This was actually the moment when I started to listen to myself and to dimensions that were unknown to me — invisible ones...