Shaman Express

Shaman Express, Bénédicte Rousseau

Shaman Express is a provocative and darkly humorous novel about the dangers of pursuing enlightenment. A depressed divorcée and a recovering addict are both at a crossroads in their lives. They barely know each other but decide to embark together on a journey with the intention of writing a book on experiential shamanism. But spiritual retreats and self-help books haven’t prepared them for what lies ahead. Moving between pastoral Italy, the rugged steppes of Siberia, and the crowded streets of Thailand, the story alternates between ordinary reality and shamanic non-ordinary reality, the borders of which become blurred along the way. They may not find what they thought they sought, but they will be forever transformed. 

This novel is by no means a guide to shamanism. 

Published on 31 May 2018, Shaman Express by Beretta Rousseau was co-written by two authors and is adult literature. The story is told by two main characters - Benedetta by Bénédicte Rousseau.

Warning. This novel contains descriptions of sexual assault that may be troubling for some readers. 

Short extracts: The Madhouse, Really? / Flying Like A Canary Never Mind Plato

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